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Straight Drum - Dusky Pink with Calico Dots

Straight Drum - Dusky Pink with Calico Dots

08" - Bottom Ring 20.32cm  Top Ring 20.32cm  Vertical Height 16.51cm

10" -  Bottom Ring 25.40cm  Top Ring 25.40cm  Vertical Height 17.78cm

12" -  Bottom Ring 30.48cm  Top Ring 30.48cm  Vertical Height 20.32cm

14" -  Bottom Ring 35.56cm  Top Ring 35.56cm  Vertical Height 25.40cm

16" -  Bottom Ring 40.64cm  Top Ring 40.64cm  Vertical Height 25.40cm

18" -  Bottom Ring 45.72cm  Top Ring 45.72cm   Vertical Height 25.40cm

20" -  Bottom Ring 50.80cm  Top Ring 50.80cm   Vertical Height 25.40cm

22" -  Bottom Ring 55.88cm  Top Ring 55.88cm   Vertical Height 25.40cm

24" -  Bottom Ring 60.96cm  Top Ring 60.96cm   Vertical Height 25.40cm 

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